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Barbette has more than 20 yrs experience in Nursing and is a medical and spiritual intuitive. She has a private practice in Life Coaching and Health/Nutrition Coaching. After several years in emergency, critical care, and hospice care, Barbette turned her focus to disease prevention and health promotion. She believes the power to heal our body and spirit is inherent in each of us. She has many years of helping individuals, couples, and families heal, and grow past their own expectations. She specializes in Energy Medicine and has earned certification in several modalities, incorporating the variety of techniques and theories into her practice and teaching. She is certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapist and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and events and teaches a wide variety of classes and workshops nationally and internationally. Her rich blend of education and experiences adds depth to her teachings.