Tibor Maknyik

Tibor Maknyik was born in Hungary in 1945, educated in England from age 12 and emigrated to Canada at age 23. He’s a tool and die maker and plastic injection-mold maker with a mechanical technologist degree. After working at several companies he accepted a plant manager’s job in a manufacturing plant with more than 200 employees. Five supervisors reported to him. He worked there for 20 years. In 2006, when the plant was sold and all manufacturing was shipped to Mexico, he took early retirement to care for his wife Elizabeth whom he married in 1973. Born in England, she migrated to Canada. Their two wonderful and successful sons are both married with children. In 1997 at age 53 Elizabeth began to display signs of forgetfulness that started to affect her job. Misdiagnosed by three doctors, she was finally diagnosed in 2003 with Alzheimer's disease. He cared for her at home until 2008, when he was no longer able to care for her. She was then admitted to a long-term care facility.