Ian Blumer

Dr. Ian Blumer is a diabetes specialist in Toronto, Canada. He’s medical advisor and director of the Charles H Best Diabetes Centre and has a teaching appointment with the University of Toronto. He’s a member of the executive of the Canadian Diabetes Association and has been awarded the Canadian Diabetes Association’s Special Dedication Award. He’s a faculty member of Taking Control of Your Diabetes and Chair of the Endocrine Society’s Diabetes and Pregnancy Clinical Practice Guidelines committee. He’s authored or co-authored books on doctor-patient relationships (What Your Doctor Really Thinks), diabetes (Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies, Diabetes Cookbook for Canadians for Dummies), prescription drugs (Understanding Prescription Drugs for Canadians for Dummies), celiac disease (Celiac Disease for Dummies) and, under the pen name of Sidney Gale, published the young adult novel, Unto The Breach. His website is www.ourdiabetes.com.