Alison  Chester-Lambert

Alison Chester-Lambert

Alison Chester-Lambert trained at the Faculty of Astrology in London and then at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in Regents College, London. She worked for the astrology telephone lines of The Sun, News of the World and Sunday Times newspapers for over 2 years before moving from London to Tamworth in 2002. She continues to study psychological astrology, astropsychology, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, quantum physics and mythology. When she is not teaching, Alison writes a regular column for Paradigm Shift Magazine, and the Astrological Journal. She has published a deck of `Astrology Reading Cards` and an acclaimed book entitled `Starry Messengers`, which is about the future for us in the 21st century. Alison regularly appears on BBC radio and has appeared on TV across 5 states in America in 2012.