Dr. Cardwell C.  Nuckols

Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols

Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols is described as “one of the most influential clinical and spiritual trainers in North America.” Dr. Nuckols’ passion and mission is to assist in the integration of emerging scientific research with traditional spiritual and self-help wisdom. From this integration comes knowledge, inspiration and technique helpful to those whose practice assists alcoholics, addicts and other mental health patients find healing and their personal road to recovery. Dr. Nuckols is widely published, having authored more than 60 journal articles, 30 books and workbooks, 50 DVDs, CDs and videos, and 25 audiotape series. His latest publication is entitled The Ego-Less SELF: Achieving Peace and Tranquility Beyond All Understanding (HCI). Dr. Nuckols’ first book Cocaine: Dependency to Recovery, is a trade best seller, as are, his booklets Quitting Heroin, Quitting Alcohol and Quitting Marijuana (Hazelden).