Jan  Spilman, MEd

Jan Spilman, MEd

Jan Spilman, MEd, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Compassion Fatigue Specialist, and Mental Health Educator with a passion for helping people-who-help-people to live well with the stress of their personal and professional caregiving. She specializes in designing and delivering renewing, interactive, wellness-oriented workshops on Compassion Fatigue, Chronic Sorrow, Double-duty Caregiving, Personal and Professional Wellness, and the Enneagram to groups of family caregivers, professionals, and volunteers across the country, www.caregiverwellness.ca. Her professional career includes 10 years as an acute and critical care nurse and nurse-manager, and 19 years as a trauma therapist in private practice. For 7 years she was also family caregiver for her husband until he died from heart failure in 2004. Since then, she’s focused upon the work she loves best, teaching caregivers practical, realistic ways of healing their trauma and loss and improving the quality of their lives.