Maurice  Caldwell

Maurice Caldwell

Maurice Caldwell was 24-years-old in 1990 when arrested for a San Francisco murder & convicted based on testimony of a single eyewitness. Evidence unearthed by the Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) demonstrated the eyewitness was wrong. Provided to the court was a confession from the real killer serving time for a subsequent Nevada murder & declarations from 2 witnesses who saw the murder & exonerated Maurice. Maurice was granted a new trial but the judge ruled he would not get a fair trial since the first eyewitness was deceased. The DA dismissed the case, but insisted there was no finding of innocence and Maurice was released only on a technicality. NCIP attorney, Paige Kaneb says, “The Constitution is not a technicality… Caldwell lost his mother, grandmother and brother while in prison. He lost nearly half of his life. We can't give him back that time, but let's at least give him back his reputation and admit that the evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates his innocence.”