Rucsandra  Mitrea

Rucsandra Mitrea

Rucsandra Mitrea is a Body Whisperer. Rucsandra helps people live radiantly by helping them align with their true essence. After 20 years of studying physical movement modalities and therapies, meditation, energy techniques, and Somatherapy, Rucsandra understands the universal laws that facilitate vibrant health. She developed the Mitrea Balance Model to heal and balance the physical body by altering the mind and emotions. As owner and founder of Mitrea Wellness Centre, Rucsandra has helped many clients transform their lives. Inspiring that transformation is only a few beliefs away and a healthy and joyous life is everyone’s right, she believes everyone can expand in consciousness. Through teaching and writing, she helps people connect to their innate knowledge. She helps students experience physical movement as an extension of their inner essence and their own capacity for healing, well being, growth and expansion. Visit