Dudley  Baker

Dudley Baker

Dudley Baker is the founder and editor of Precious Metals Warrants and a 1967 graduate of St. Mary's University in San Antonio with a major in Accounting. After graduating, he went directly to work for the Internal Revenue Service where he was an IRS Agent, Team Coordinator (lead agent), heading up the audits on the largest corporations in the world. In 1996 and after 29 years with the Fed's, he applied for an early retirement. In March 2005, Mr. Baker founded and launched his new investment Market Data Service, Precious Metals Warrants, which provides the detail on all mining and energy company Warrants trading on the U.S. and Canadian Exchanges. As an investor himself, in October 2004, he could not find this information and thus proceeded to accumulate the sources of the information and then to build the website into a user-friendly place to get the details on all warrants trading on the mining and energy companies. Check his website at http://www.preciousmetalswarrants.com