Laura Henze Russell

Laura Henze Russell has suffered for twenty years from mercury poisoning that vaporized from dental amalgam (silver cavity fillings) in her teeth. Laura describes regaining her health. She will present 3 articles at her town meeting in Sharon, MA. Laura’s goals are 1, to learn the health impacts and health disparities associated with mercury poisoning; 2, to reduce the hidden river of toxic mercury in people; and 3, improve general health & lower health care costs. Laura is directing the Hidden River SafeAMER project at the Ocean River Institute. The goal is to pass the state Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals bill. This will set up a process where use of safer chemicals will be mandated. This is an entrepreneurial incentive that rewards the development of alternatives to toxic chemicals. By giving alternatives greater market share costs are brought down. Massachusetts can become a national incubator for less toxic, eco-friendly chemical compounds, “Safer Chemical Valley.”