Dr. Mark Ragins

Dr. Mark Ragins is the Medical Director at the MHA Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, an award-winning model of recovery based mental health services. He has worked there since its beginning in 1990 as a psychiatrist for the adult service coordination teams, the Homeless Assistance Program, the Transition Age Youth Academy, and now the Welcoming Team. Many of his writings are posted at www.mhavillage.org including his short book ‘A Road to Recovery’ which is also available at amazon.com and has been translated into Japanese and Korean. He was featured in Steve Lopez’s book ‘The Soloist’. He has won a number of awards including the APA’s Van Amerigan award and USPRA’s John Beard award for his outstanding lifetime contribution to psychiatric rehabilitation as well as being selected as a distinguished fellow by the American Psychiatric Association. He has become one of the true pioneers and leaders of recovery based psychiatry.