Abraham  Poston

Abraham Poston

Abraham Poston is a federal sector diversity and equal opportunity official with several years of leadership experience in the field.  Mr. Poston serves as a medical center Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Employment Opportunity Manager and as a base Director of Equal Opportunity in the Air National Guard.      Mr. Poston earned a Master of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University. He received training on racial and gender dynamics and their influence on mission performance at the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.   Mr. Poston is a trained coach, mentor and mediator within the federal sector.  Throughout his career, Mr. Poston has provided hundreds of hours of training on diversity management, workplace dynamics and equal employment policy.    As a consultant, Mr. Poston provides services to organizations looking to improve outcomes through innovative workplace strategies or responding to workplace discrimination concerns.  Mr. Poston is also a life coach, helping individuals achieve personal and career goals, as well as, a mediator providing solution-focused facilitation in corporate and community settings.