Dr. Julie T.  Anné

Dr. Julie T. Anné

Dr. Julie T. Anné is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Eating Disorder Expert and inspirational advocate for the therapeutic healing process. She is the Founder and Clinical Director of A New Beginning, an innovative outpatient treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona dedicated to the comprehensive care of all eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse and relationship issues. Dr. Anné is a respected, nationally recognized eating disorder specialist whose work is frequently featured in the media. Dr. Anné is currently the Phoenix-based psychologist working with the cast of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Additionally, Dr. Anné’s therapeutic work was featured in the 2010 acclaimed E! network documentary series, “What’s Eating You.” Dr. Anné is an esteemed member of the Medical Advisory Board for EmpowHER Media, where she brings her expertise in the area of eating disorders, body-image and women’s issues to this exciting new health medium.