Marty  Granoff

Marty Granoff

Marty Granoff has been in the investment/finance field over 45 years. Until 1992 his firm, Granoff Enterprises, help raise money for private business ventures. The firm then took a new direction and started buying and selling real estate related notes (many property sellers needed to offer seller financing to move their properties but later desired to convert these notes into lump-sum cash). Within a year or so the firm realized state lottery winners needed this same service as back then, there was no lump-sum option offered by lottery commissions. As the years passed many other forms of future cash flow were offered for sale to the firm such as lawsuit settlements, contest winnings, annuities, disability income payments, business notes (a business owner finances some of the selling price of his business) and many other future cash flows. After that Granoff Enterprises began acquiring more and more of these cash flows for its own portfolio and did less brokering to other investors.