Sarah Owen MS, LPC

Sarah Owen MS, LPC spent the last 3 decades discovering the fastest, gentlest and most effective healing therapies. A psychotherapist by training, Sarah has always incorporated other methods in her work. She began with Therapeutic Touch and Hakomi Therapy in the 1980s. During the 1990s, she studied Quantum Psychology and plunged into the world of Eden Energy Medicine. Sarah is one of the founding faculty of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Institute. Now as senior faculty, she mentors many advanced students. Sarah discovered Emotional Transformation Therapy – ETT when a physician friend recommended an article in a holistic medical journal by Steven Vazquez, Ph.D. With new insight from the article, Sarah intuited that ETT would work in situations and with people where many other methods had failed. Sarah now uses a unique blend of ETT – the therapy that changes the brain and heals at the speed of light--and other methods in her practice in Dallas, TX.