William  Whitecloud

William Whitecloud

William Whitecloud is the author of Magician’s Way and The Last Shaman. His passion and purpose is to educate the reality that we all have the power to create whatever we love. William’s own rich experience of transforming his life from terminal illness and suffering to living a magical and fulfilling life with creative inspiration enables him to meet people where they are. Since the late 80’s when at rock bottom, William embarked on a quest to discover how to create the life of his dreams. This quest led him to the Alchemical principles of Hermetic Philosophy and the Ideas of Robert Fritz, founder of Technologies for Creating. Both modalities showed how to direct the subconscious mind to create a desired reality. After his life transformation, William was inspired to create Living From Greatness, a personalized course to empower participants to discover and live their highest potential. He lives in San Francisco where he lets his life unfold by magic. www. WilliamWhitecloud.com.