Dr. Will  Johnston

Dr. Will Johnston

Dr. Will Johnston has practiced family medicine for over 30 years. His practice has included emergency room, obstetrics, and the full age range of general medical practice including care of older people. He has performed dozens of legal competency assessments, a task which has increased his familiarity with various aspects of elder abuse. He became concerned about the dangers of assisted suicide and euthanasia in 1990. He debated this topic with Dr. Jack Kevorkian on CBC television in 1993. He has since become more concerned by warning signs that all is not well in those few jurisdictions which permit assisted suicide and euthanasia. He is keen to warn those who wish to preserve their autonomy and end-of-life choices that assisted suicide laws may not deliver on these objectives. He is the Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of BC, www.epcbc.ca.