Bill  Loudon

Bill Loudon

Bill Loudon is the founder of Golden Dragons Martial Arts & Golden Dragons Healing Center. Sensei, Bill Loudon, has over 20 years of martial arts experience and has been an energy healer for over a decade. He has studied 6 different martial arts styles - Tae kwondo, Tang Soo do, Small Circle Jujitsu, Modern Arnis, JKD, and Kyusho Jijtsu. It was Kyusho Jijtsu, pressure point fighting, which lead him to becoming an Acupuncturist. He has also studied 6 different healing modalities - Access Consciousness, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Homeopathic Energy work, Posturology, Spring Forest Qi gong, and Theta Healing. Combining the Martial Arts and the Healing Arts sounds like a paradox, but they co-exist well according to Bill, “You can teach any one to hurt the body, it takes a great martial artist to be able to heal the body.” Bill has also developed a 2 day class, "The 5 Secrets of the Joy of Touch" which uses acupressure points to stimulate and arouse your partner.