Bonifus Kabongo  Ilunga

Bonifus Kabongo Ilunga

Bonifus Kabongo Ilunga is the head of Kamina Teacher’s College in the Katanga Region in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Past President of the Kamina Methodist University, the current assistant to Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ntanda (the Bishop of the Katanga Region). He is Deputy Legal Representative of the North Katanga Region of the United Methodist Church, and is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Ministries degree at St Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri (with a specialization in Global Health and Wellness). He intends to pursue another doctorate degree in Leadership and Women’s Studies at Asbury University, in Kentucky. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and his Master’s Degree of Theology in Zimbabwe. In 2003, he risked his life to go into the heavily armed and guarded jungle region controlled by the Mai Mai rebel group to successfully convince its leader to attend peace talks with the Congolese government.