Jodi  Ambrose

Jodi Ambrose

Jodi Ambrose is a nationally recognized Sexpert and Relationship Advice Guru and the author of the hit relationship maintenance books Sex: How to Get More of It and Intimacy: How to Get More of It . She and her husband, Grant, recently co-authored the couple's cookbook Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Reluctant Cooks and Creative Chefs. Jodi is an award-winning blogger and regular relationship contributor to Cougar Chat Radio and the Internationally broadcast Playboy Radio's, The Tiffany Granath Show. Jodi has the solution for having a happy home life and a delightfully full belly. She shares how her books are intended to work hand-in-hand with one another to help you find a wonderful balance in both the bedroom and the kitchen. With a witty sense of humor and flair for story-telling, her books are designed to bring everyone more joy in their lives. Jodi shows how you are only 20 steps away from a healthy, fun and exciting romantic life. Jodi's other writing adventures tackle happiness in other rooms of the house. She knows that being happy isn't just about one thing or another, but about an overall feeling of love, trust and playfulness. Throw a little extra spice into the boudoir and begin to truly enjoy every day of your life. Intimacy: How to Get More of It provides you with 20 steps that will help you get the kind of relationship that makes you giggle yourself silly with joy. Is it more cuddle-time you want? More overall sweetness? Or maybe you are looking to rekindle that spark that, over time, has dimmed a bit? Jodi Ambrose you tips and tricks on how to get all of that, on your own terms. Happy wife, happy life. Happy spouse, happy house. We've heard it all before. Now it's time to make it happen! Come along on this journey and discover the strategies that will help you get what you desire from the love of your life. Sex: How to Get More of It is a guy's roadmap to paradise in and out of the bedroom. Do you want more sex? Do you want less nagging? Do you want a healthier relationship? Do you want to go golfing or watch the game without getting bitched at? Find out how to do that in Sex: How to Get More of It. It may not seem possible as most guys think women are a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in a big old batch of crazy. But rest assured, if you follow the guidelines set forth in this handbook, both you and your girl will not only find more joy, but more romance as well. (That means more bedroom romping, just to be clear.) And ladies, while the handbook was initially intended for the guys, we know that some of you may have a man that wouldn't read a book if you threatened to set him on fire. If that's the case, you can instead read it yourself and then sneakily work an item or two from the 20 easy steps into normal conversation every couple weeks.You do what you need to do to get what you want.