Lew Marklin  Mash

Lew Marklin Mash

Lew Marklin Mash started his career in music as a rap artist at the age of 10. Lew spent 15 years in the music business as a signed artist then started a record company, Project Records, in 1990. Marklin, as most know him, decided to learn television in college, interned at ABC News and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but not before working for three years at Fox Family Entertainment where he learned the basic ins and outs of the industry. He produced his own show, ADHDtv in 2007, gave up his job at ABC and funded the entire venture with his savings. Before going broke he managed to produce 50 episodes that aired on cable across the US, and wielded incredible ratings that beat out many network produced shows, ever etching his reputation in the industry as a nuts and bolts producer that can take nothing and turn it into something.