Aryae  Coopersmith

Aryae Coopersmith

Aryae Coopersmith is founder and CEO of the HR Forums, whose members are Silicon Valley’s human resource executives. This year Aryae is stepping aside from his HR Forums role and initiating a new community: One World Lights – a global community of leaders from all walks of life who are supporting each other in transforming the world. The premise is simple: to inspire thousands of these visionary leaders, “Global Citizens,” all over the world, to come together and support each other through local wisdom circles and global communication to accelerate humanity’s urgently needed course change toward a healthy, just, peaceful, sustainable world. Aryae is also the author of Holy Beggars: A Journey from Haight Street to Jerusalem, an account of his experience of the spiritual revolution in the 1960s San Francisco. He holds an MA in Humanistic Psychology from California State University, Sonoma and lives near the beach with his wife Wendy in the San Francisco Bay area.