Brian  McKnight Jr.

Brian McKnight Jr.

You may know him as the son of R&B singer Brian McKnight, but McKnight Jr. is much more than his name. He is a real deal - “real” talent. Brian McKnight Jr. not only has an amazing voice with perfect pitch that makes the girls swoon--he is also an established songwriter and producer who plays the piano, drums and most recently, the guitar. We are blessed to have Brian McKnight Jr. with us on the Empowerment Channel show “Why We Are Here”. It is a major honor for our Visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington to have the usage of his “Futuristic Music” as the theme song for “Why We Are Here”. The song written and sung by Brian McKnight Jr. entitled, “Luna” is about the magical moon and his awe for its beauty and captivating power. It’s lyrical loveliness and illuminating mystic lends a feeling of wonder and excitement to the introduction of the show “Why We Are Here”. The intrinsic voice and notable writing style of young Brian McKnight Jr. stands on its own in a world of musical masters and performance artists. May he climb onward and upward with a fortuitous career for many more years to come! His luminary celebrity stems from hard work, determination, raw talent and an example of what a DNA rich ancestry can do for you if you heed the call. Brian McKnight Jr. affectionately known by some as “Archie” expresses his music with a modern-sexy yet edgy sound that really touches the heart! Brian McKnight Jr. (an old soul) has earned his well -deserved place in the music industry. Watch out for this handsome multiply talented ray of light for he is about to capture the music industry and the souls of fans all over the planet on many levels! Just watch this laid back artist as he takes the world by storm!