Tracy Soloninka

Tracy Soloninka is a recognized leader in oncology and palliative care. At Durham Regional Cancer Center she’s the manager of the outpatient palliative care program. She has extensive experience in the United States and Canada in developing hospice/palliative care home delivery programs. She received her undergraduate degree in nursing from Arizona State University and her Master’s Degree in Oncology from the University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Her research focus has been on caregiving at end of life and the challenges facing those individuals who commit to supporting a loved one through the dying process. A strong proponent of the right to die at home, she understands the struggles faced by caregivers that accompany patients on this journey. She has become a vocal advocate for caregiver benefits that would enable family members to dedicate the time required to support the myriad physical, psycho-social and spiritual demands during this unique experience.