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Dr. Debora Phillips

“With thirty-five years of experience as a behavior therapist and sex therapist, Dr. Debora Phillips has worked with hundreds of couples, individuals, and families, treating people from all walks of life, helping them to overcome unadaptive feelings (anxiety, guilt, jealousy, anger, unrequited love, depression, etc) and replace them with adaptive feelings and positive patterns of communication and other behaviors; everything from helping people get over the rejection of unrequited love, childhood/adolescent trauma, phobias, poor self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, marital problems, to giving children the tools to stop their (OCD) obsessive compulsive behaviors. She also founded and directed this country’s first anti-bullying program “End Teen Cruelty.” Dr. Phillips’ nationally (and internationally) published and bestselling books, written with Bob Judd, “How to Fall Out of Love,” “Sexual Confidence” and “How to Give Your Child a Great Self-Image” (with Fred Bernstein) will soon be re-released with the fresh content of many more years of insight, research and experience. Dr. Phillips has extensive private practices in New York City, San Francisco, and Beverly Hills. She has taught at several medical schools, including the University of Southern California Medical School in Los Angeles and Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia where she was the Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Columbia University Medical School in New York City, where she was the Assistant Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry. She has published numerous articles in professional journals and magazines, conducted nationwide professional and academic workshops, presented academic papers at numerous national and international conferences where she was often the keynote speaker. She appeared on numerous television shows, including, Oprah, Phil Donahue and The Today Show. She was featured in a five page spread in People Magazine for her pioneering work with broken hearts and her falling out of love program.”