Vinay  Parmar

Vinay Parmar

In the year 2000 Vinay Parmar's life was going to plan. He was enjoying a successful corporate career with Europe's largest online bank, he just purchased his first home and he was looking forward to marrying his soul mate on what was supposed to be the biggest day of his life…only he didn’t realise just how ‘big’ that day would be. In a cruel twist of fate, Vinay tragically lost his Mom on his wedding day to a lethal strain of meningitis. It was the first in a series of curveballs that life was to throw him. Today, inspired by his challenges, Vinay is a sought after inspirational speaker who draws on his experiences and life lessons to help people to deal with sudden change in life and business more effectively so that they can quickly move forward and turnaround their performance - what he calls “BounceBackAbility”. Vinay recently published his inspiring and moving story in his book “A Passage To India” of which 50% of the profits are being given to charity.