Magenta  Pixie

Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie has been receiving information since 1993 from a collective group of Light Beings that she affectionately refers to as the "White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine" or simply "The Nine." She originally opened up to this connection through regular meditation. She started to release the messages from these Light Beings in 2008 in video form on you tube. Since her arrival on the YouTube scene in 2008, Magenta Pixie has gained over 25,000 subscribers and over 6 million video views. They, "The Nine", say 'United we stand, Divided we fall' and that it is time for the lightworkers, the mediums, the researchers, the scientists and all those with differing perspectives on the consciousness raising now taking place on Earth to come together as a collective force and bring forward their knowledge in whatever way it may be. It is the time of the gathering of the like minded and the place you can freely network, share your information and harness that amazing lifeforce energy that is magnified so brilliantly when you are together, is here on "The Internet." They speak of the many clues left for you everywhere and that the journey towards Enlightenment and Ascension is akin to a "Cosmic Treasure Hunt" and that "you left these clues for yourself!" Magenta continues to bring forward these messages in video form on YouTube. Magenta Pixie works as a spiritual coach and Intuitive energy reader with clients around the world via Skype. Her mission within this private practise includes helping others raise awareness of self, reach higher states of divinity, alignment, personal transformation & higher connection.