Caryle  Hirshberg

Caryle Hirshberg

Caryle Hirshberg is a former Senior Research Associate with the Institute of Noetic Sciences she co authored Spontaneous Remission with Brendan O’Regan published in 1993. She has been involved with beneficial plant research and the Center for Integrative Medicine which researches globally, promoting pharmacological research and intelligent scientific approaches to studying into indigenous and traditional remedies. Caryle was senior Researcher for the six part documentary The Heart of Healing which became a signature series for investigation into the mystery of why people heal. In an extraordinary career, Caryle's undergraduate study was in chemistry, mathematics and psychology at University of Florida. Her graduate work was in neurochemistry at Indiana University. She has been involved in researching remission, neurochemistry, pharmacology, cancer biochemistry and cardiology. She has lectured widely on the subject of spontaneous remissions. Today she is private practice.