Bonnie  Bogner

Bonnie Bogner

Bonnie Bogner heard the call from Spirit to assist humanity in awakening true potential. Bonnie shares intuitive guidance teaching others to live and experience greater spiritual alignment. A Spiritual Coach, Speaker & Teacher, Founder-Instructor of Soul Alignment Coaching Program, Certified Instructor for Essence of Angels and Spiritual Coach Licensing. She offers private sessions, workshops and classes as well as a two-week SpiritQuest retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii! Bonnie accepts each individual’s path and has a deep love for those she has the privilege to work with. Bonnie can assist you to rediscover who you really are with the help of the pure and unconditional love of Angels and Source. She provides tools to transform your life by connecting with your divine presence helping you to discover the source within to create your own life. Soul Vibrations Consulting Regina, SK Canada 306-530-0289