Chris  Kata

Chris Kata

Chris Kata is Director, Caregiving Matters, His professional experience includes over 14 years of complex e-business and e-commerce application design and project management. He spent the first part of his professional life as a partner at Whitecap Canada Inc., in Toronto. In 2006, he says, he got hooked on the internet marketing side of the business when customers kept asking him why his corporate website outranked theirs. The internet marketing side of the business would not leave him alone, he says, so he started Spark Internet Marketing with three other partners. Until 2012 he spent all of his time and experience developing the business with his partners and enjoying the services they offered their customers. In January 2012 he decided to make another move and join the outstanding team at Axiom Real-Time Metrics as their Chief Innovation Officer working on new product development, marketing and new business initiatives.