Richard  Greninger

Richard Greninger

Richard Greninger, co-author Tapping the Source Having filmed extraordinary motivational speakers in their shows , he realized teaching others was his passion in life. Since 1990, Richard has been considered the top provider of production crews, audio visual support, and show projection. He co-authored the book, TAPPING THE SOURCE, and later wrote "Richard's Little Happy Book" - 'Seven Powerful Principles to Create a Happier Life for the Rest of Your Life'. Richard then co-produced and directed the documentary film interviewing over 122 of the most notable thought leaders in the world, asking the core question, “What makes people happy”? Taking seven months to film, edit, and score, the movie is a true cross section of society with amazing and inspirational answers. His dream of teaching film making at his Alma Mater, Chapman College has become a reality. And he continues to work on other film projects.