Hanne Hojsted

Hanne Hojsted, originally from Denmark, studied Advanced Iridology under Dr. Bernard Jensen at the Iridology International College in Los Angeles. Hanne has been practicing since 1989. In 1999, she continued her education as a Naturopathic Doctor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For four years, she had her own live radio broadcast show on nutrition, and was a weekly guest host for Danny Burden Talk Show. In addition, she has been on various radio talk shows and given lectures at the Women’s Health Conference in Heidelberg, Germany, at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Successful Living Seminars in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hanne also gives individual health consultations. Hanne is also an author of “The Miracle Journey of Love”, and is currently working on her second book about Iridology. http://hannehojsted.com