Linda  Kreter

Linda Kreter

Linda Kreter, President and CEO. Ms. Kreter is the former founder (1994) and CEO of Pharmaceutical Research Plus, Inc.; creating the niche market of accelerating patient recruitment for clinical trials. With a combination of unique software and exceptional call center physican/study coordinator customer support, PRP cut over 25 years from clinical drug development time. After the sale of PRP and upon leaving the company in 2004, her focus shifted to providing innovative software solutions to improve health and wellness education, and communication support for children and military families. With the integrated divisions of WiseHealth, Linda has brought a user-driven, inventive approach to essential high-tech, high-touch platforms that extend the reach of family programs. Most recently, Linda has focused on vital proactive Caregiver Peer Support and responsive follow-through via VeteranCaregiver, connecting service and veteran families with agency and community programs. With direct support of Veteran and Wounded Warrior families, Linda is recognized as a subject matter expert for military/veteran Caregiving and regularly speaks and promotes peer-to-peer support and crucial two-way communication for families of the injured, ill, and/or wounded. An additional by-product of VeteranCaregiver's peer network has been noteworthy success in Suicide Prevention. By recognizing and spreading awareness of the precursors of suicide (family history, anxiety, depression, financial and emotional strain and risky behaviors), hundreds of Veterans have been guided to needed clinical help. In the last year alone, 20 Veteran and 3 Caregiver suicides have been averted. VeteranCaregiver works closely with the VA Crisis Line, and a continually growing number of DoD and VA resources. She earned her degree in biology from Smith College.