Peter  Moon

Peter Moon

Peter Moon who rose to prominence in 1992 when he coauthored "THE MONTAUK PROJECT: EXPERIMENTS IN TIME" with Preston Nichols, is the publisher of the Montauk Project book series and Sky Books. The Montauk Project is a colloquial term on Long Island that refers to an admixture of legends and actual scientific experiments that occurred in the wake of the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. The Montauk Project included the exploration of psychic abilities of large groups and sought to integrate such with electronic technology so as to affect transmission and amplification of mental frequencies via ordinary radio frequencies. The spectacular nature of these experiments and their natural development eventually led to manipulation of matter and the penetration of time itself. Author, Publisher, investigative Conspiracy Theorist Peter Moon goes where no man or perhaps even woman has gone before as he talks of all things not explained inclusive but not limited to Time Travel, The Paranormal and ET's.