Tracy  Reifferscheid

Tracy Reifferscheid

Tracy is an Intuitive who works with many different types of Energy and light beings. A Licensed Soul Alignment Coach Spiritual, Essence of Angels Practitioner, Master Reiki Teacher of Usui Reiki, Lemurian and Akaunda Ru Reiki. She is certified in Access Bars, Quantum Touch, Mediumship and as a Rehabilitation Worker. Other training includes Shamanic Techniques, Strategic Intervention and other coaching techniques. Tracy will assist you releasing old programming and connecting to your authentic self so you can find your joy and passion in life. Bridging the energy from the non-physical world into the physical the one, Tracy has founded and is the owner of Awakenings Therapies in Humboldt, SK Canada where she practices, teaches and empowers others to embrace their wonderful light and gifts. Tracy enjoys experiencing new and embracing opportunities that continue to support her learning. 306-682-2994 or 306-231-4350