Anna  Corbett

Anna Corbett

Anna Corbett, has a BS in Social Work, and a MS Degree in Counseling, both from Purdue University. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she had a successful private practice in Arizona for >25 years. Anna is a Board Certified Health and Wellness coach and is certified in NLP. She is a Senior Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute, teaching Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Quality Management. Anna’s work is based on current Neuroscience Research, the “best practices” of Integrative Health and Wellness, and Positive Choice Theory Psychology. Anna is passionate about teaching the gracious art of integrative self-care. She loves partnering with individuals and organizations in creating their own unique transformations, and living their lives to the fullest. Anna created The Joy in Living System, products and services that teach people how to experience energetic vibrant health and wellness in every area of life. Live Well - Choose Well - BE Well! Visit: