Lisa Buford

Lisa Buford is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and on the original faculty for the two-year certification program. Lisa facilitates workshops locally and nationally. Inspiring, empowering and helping others to improve the quality of their lives are her lifelong goal. Lisa has a private practice in Montana and Washington working with children, teens, adults, families and professionals. Lisa also teaches the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program in NJ. In addition, Lisa is certified as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. She studied with Gary Craig, founder of EFT, Dr. David Smith, Medical QiGong Grand Master and David Feinstein, one of the authors of The Promise of Energy Psychology. For the last decade, Lisa has been certified by the (Edu-K) Educational Kinesiology Foundation as a Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant. Lisa also trained with Dr. Eric Pearl in 2003 and can facilitate The Reconnection. Visit: