Denise  Cullen

Denise Cullen

Denise Cullen - GRASP Denise has worked as a Clinical Social Worker in the medical field since graduation from USC’s School of Social Work in 1993. Her expertise has been in HIV/AIDS and working with terminally ill patients. Because of this work, and efforts to learn how to be more effective through continuing education classes and seminars, she has a special ability in the area of death, dying and grief. Her patient population included a large number of Intravenous Drug Users, and so she has professional experience working with patients suffering from addiction as well as personal experience. Denise lost her only child, Jeff Cullen at 27 years of age in August 2008 after battling addictive illness for 12 years. She started a chapter of GRASP: Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing in 2009 and she and her husband Gary took over that organization in January 2010, growing it to 50 chapters and growing across the US and creating a very active Facebook support network. GRASP