Earnie  Ellison

Earnie Ellison

Earnie Ellison directs the PGA Diversity and Community Relations Programs. He leads The PGA of America major initiative to provide resources, awareness, and opportunities for culturally diverse individuals, women, and the under-served to participate in the game and the business of golf. After graduating from Alabama A&M University in 1970, hewas employed by the IBM Company where he held various financial management positions in the USA and its International businesses. In 1988 he joined the Unisys Company as Finance Director. He left Corporate America in 1992 to partner with his brother to experience the life of an entrepreneur. In 1997 he joined the PGA of America as the Director of Finance for the Tournament Operations. After developing a diversity program and establishing community initiatives, he was appointed to a new position for the PGA, Director of Business & Community Relations. Under Ellison's leadership the PGA of America has experienced notable progress in the areas of inclusion and community image. He is recognized as a key agent for change to ensure greater equality within the sport and business of golf