Fay  Thompson

Fay Thompson

Fay Thompson is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach, spiritual teacher, and channel committed to increasing the well-being of individuals. Her aim is to empower each person to stand in their power and realize the immense potential within. Fay discovered and honed her intuitive abilities and now specializes in Subconscious Mind Correction. Fay also conducts various spiritual workshops. Her work has been featured on CBC Radio/TV and in various journals and magazines including Wholife Journal, Well Being Magazine, and Discovering She. The author of the just released book Azez Medicine, Fay’s mission is for every person to realize the immense creative power they have to create a life of joy and ease, break down the false notions that work has to be hard and that we need to struggle in order to succeed. Fay resides just outside of Saskatoon, SK Canada with her husband and daughters who keep her inspired, laughing, and well-grounded. Website: www.faythompson.com Phone: (306)652-3675