Lucille P.  Farrell-Scott

Lucille P. Farrell-Scott

Dr. Farrell-Scott is committed to empowering men and women with purpose, passion, power, peace, and prosperity. She believes that nothing is more important or more precious than this moment in which you are living. There is a dance happening in your life right and she encourages you to take the lead. There is a stage before you she advises that you, walk slowly across it while enjoying the applause. There is a song to be sung that only you can sing, so sing it. A staunch advocate for our generations to come, Dr. Farrell-Scott uplifts young people by introducing them to positive and transformational teachings endorsing their ability to maximize their unlimited potential. Dr. Farrell-Scott believes that young people should be educated and fit for the citizenry of the world. Dr. Farrell-Scott also advances the message of Living in Your Now. From Durban, South Africa, to London England, Guyana, and Trinidad in the West Indies, Canada, and all over the United States, Dr. Farrell-Scott has traveled the world to share her message of Living in Your Now and has been blessed to see the life changing effects of her word on the audiences she has touched. Through her books, mentoring, coaching programs, radio and television shows, she has helped thousands of people to live their lives to the fullest as they embrace their Power of Now. Dr. Farrell-Scott earned her Doctorate in Religious Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is an active member of several community service organizations including, The Links Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Dr. Farrell-Scott is a published author, transformational speaker, and president of Caribbean American Students Educational Foundation, an 18 year-old non-profit organization which serves healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner to more than one thousand children every day. All of Dr. Farrell-Scott’s work is rooted in her desire to see individuals excel above their current circumstances. As an immigrant from Trinidad, West Indies to the United States she understands the importance of access to equal opportunity and support for personal and professional achievement in life. Dr. Farrell-Scott earnestly believes that with God, family and community, all things are possible. Dr. Farrell-Scott is a loving mother of three adoring children.