Rev. Mychael  Shane

Rev. Mychael Shane

Rev. Mychael Shane, Spiritual Visionary, Teacher, Healer, Trans Physical Medium, has spent his life communicating with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm, sharing their Teachings throughout the world. Mychael has developed an ordination process, and teaches the congregation how to connect to their own divinity through the traditions of séance, meditation, healing, and classes, as well as Sunday services. Writings include a (3)year Ascended Masters’ program with the assistance and channelings of the Ascended Masters plus a Junior Ascended Masters’ program for the ages of 10-18. He has written a textbook for crystal light healing and curriculum for an Indigo school called, “Rubies to Rainbows, Indigo School for Children”. He has two books in progress and many pages of channeled messages from the Ascended Masters with information and guidance. Website: Mychael Shane Phone: 253-507-4645