Daniel  Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis, recently featured in the revolutionary movie, "Hungry for Change," believes that in your heart resides the vigorous spirit of something wilder, stronger, and more brilliant than you've ever imagined. Daniel is a Leading Health, Nutrition, Personal Development Strategist & a Nature Based Philosopher. He teaches that our Invincible Health is a product of living in alignment w/our biological design & our role in the ecosystem, incorporating the wisdom of indigenous peoples into our modern lives. His entertaining, motivational & magnetic delivery style has made him an in-demand public speaker in North America & abroad. Daniel's philosophy, helping thousands: at the heart of each of your cells resides the ancient record of your DNA. It reaches back through the ages connecting you to your ancestors & to the wildness that existed in our species before the degenerative processes of domestication took hold. Awakening that wildness is what fuels his passion for the work he does! www.danielvitalis.com