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Daniel Morgan

Daniel, the founder and President, is a veteran. He was in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantryman. When he came home he was not the same person. He was irritable, angry, and distant. He was told by his family that there was something wrong but he ignored them thinking that they just didn't understand. Finally his wife convinced him to go to the VA hospital and get checked out. They diagnosed him with PTSD and gave him a prescription they said would help. Daniel took this medication for a short time and then stopped because he didn't like the way it made him feel. Around this same time he found one of his best friends, a German Shepherd named Homer. Daniel started spending time with Homer training him and discovered that this helped him keep his PTSD symptoms under control. He loved training his dog so much that he started attending a dog training academy to become a trainer. It was here that the idea of starting an organization that helps veterans by using dogs began taking form..