Susan  James

Susan James

Susan James is a Self Discovery Master Trainer. Since 2002, she, her husband and their team of Self Discovery Trainers have been training people in the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process, through workshops and personal training with clients around the World. Their Vision is to create an Enlightened Civilization, one person at a time. The most important thing for you to know is that Susan is living her ideal life in every way, and that doesn’t mean she’s done or “has got there” ... there is no limit to how much a human being can fulfill their potential and be living their ideal life! Every day she practices the techniques that she trains others in, and she is fully committed to creating and fulfilling the vision of a World that works for everyone. Originally from England, Susan moved to California in 1981, to “find the American Dream”. Within two years she had started her first company as an entrepreneur, and a second followed shortly thereafter. After years of working hard and doing what she thought was the “right thing”, she woke up one day to find that she had lost the businesses, was personally bankrupt and her relationship with her boyfriend/business partner was over. At this point it became clear that the mythical “American Dream” was not to be found “outside”, but rather “inside”, and having had this revelation in the early 1990s she fully committed her life to exploring the differences between human beings, and the meaning of success and how to fulfill her potential and live her life purpose. In 1998 Susan moved to Florida and in 2001 met her husband, Rob James, with whom she shared the vision of creating an enlightened civilization, which some may call “Heaven on Earth”. Rob, a researcher of consciousness, authored what are now known as the Self Discovery Techniques, and since 2002 several thousand people have transformed their lives by practicing the Self Discovery Techniques, which could be called The Skills of the Future. The results are astounding! Along with their Team of committed full time Licensed Self Discovery Trainers, Rob and Susan’s focus has been on mastering the cutting-edge techniques that make them leaders in the field of the evolution of human consciousness. Susan has spent thousands of hours training individual clients and business teams in developing self-mastery in their lives using the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process. As the world changes, so do the skills that are necessary to be fulfilled, successful and healthy and to have peace of mind. The Self Discovery Techniques are the “foundational education” of the future! The Self Discovery definition of True Success = Well-being + Effectiveness. Whether a person is far along the self-empowerment path; has been meditating for years; is already living a great life, or if they are just starting on their own self-exploration, or are experiencing challenges in life – no matter what their present situation – the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process can support them to create a fulfilling life that is beyond whatever their minds can imagine. Co-founder & Self Discovery Master Trainer Self Discovery Group LLC www.SDLife (954) 873-0144