Leona  Pinsky

Leona Pinsky

Leona Pinsky holds the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Law degree. She trained and worked as a lawyer. She and her husband of 25 years have four children. She stopped working before their third child. Their youngest, born in 1999, has cystic fibrosis. She’d planned to return to work but their child with cystic fibrosis has very complicated health. As a result, she chose to stay at home and focus her energies on her family. Her doing so minimizes the disruption of cystic fibrosis to their lives. She finds fulfillment outside of the home by working for Cystic Fibrosis Canada, www.cysticfibrosis.ca, a cause to which she’s dedicated. And for which she is amply qualified through her proven ability to fundraise, exceptional volunteer and not-for-profit experience including policy formation, advocacy, strategic planning and fundraising, her legal training, strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a not-for-profit director, and her comfort with vigorous debate.