Jonathan  Davey

Jonathan Davey

Born in the UK Jonathan was educated in Lincolnshire, Hong Kong and Wales and had an early career as an Inspector in the police in Hong Kong. Returning to the UK in 1987 he began a management career spanning retail, marketing, IT and financial services before joining IT Company 'Policy Master' in 1994. He also launched MediQuote and helped develop and launch Eurosure another insurance schemes marketing business. In 2001 he founded Primary Broker Services (latterly Primary General) growing it from zero to 225 staff with a premium income of nearly £100 million. He left as CEO in 2008 to form, Keychoice Underwriting to support c800 Keychoice member companies with a compelling, service led underwriting proposition. An experienced and well known professional in the media, he is vociferous and passionate about the interests of insurance brokers and small business in general. Married with 4 children he lives in North Yorkshire.