Ellen  Meredith

Ellen Meredith

Ellen Meredith is an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Advanced Practitioner, medical intuitive, and conscious channel, who has been in private practice for 30 years. She is an EEM faculty member, and is also certified in Quantum Healing and Medical Intuition. Ellen has worked extensively in the US, Canada, and Europe. She received a DA in Writing from the University of Michigan, winning major Hopwood Awards for a novel and short fiction. Ellen’s integrative body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle healing processes offer an emphasis on awareness and self-healing. She is the author of Listening-in: Dialogues with the Wiser Self (book) and In Search of Radiance: Learning to Stand with your Wiser Self (audiobook), as well as four DVD courses: Energy Fluency, Energy Chiro, Gatekeeper, and Storyline Track and Balance. Ellen’s work offers creative paradigms and innovative, effective tools to transform health in support of holistic body-mind-spirit healing and well-being. Visit www.ellenmeredith.com