Maurie  Pressman, M.D.

Maurie Pressman, M.D.

Maurie Pressman, M.D. is Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia and Emeritus Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Temple Medical School. He combines this work with studies in the high reaches of the mind. His practice focuses on spiritual psychotherapy and the exploration of the human soul. During his prestigious career, Dr. Pressman has studied the potential of the human mind and soul, exploring the connections between traditional psychiatry and holistic-spiritual psychotherapy. An early pioneer in visualization, Dr. Pressman created a program in 1972 for Olympic ice-skaters using hypnosis and visualization. Beyond just a mind-set, the evidence showed that the work was reflected in changes in muscles, neurologic activity, connective tissues and cells of the body. An international speaker, Dr. Pressman has written more than 40 articles, is the co-author of Twin Souls and author of Visions from the Soul and Living in the SuperMind.