Anita  Mingo

Anita Mingo

Mrs. Mingo received her Bachelor's of Art in International Studies at Mount Vernon University in 1994 and Masters in Social Work at Howard University in 2008, both located in Washington DC. While getting her Master’s degree, she was awarded two fellowships: National Institute of Health Clinical Center in their HIV Research department and the Bill and Camille Cosby fellowship to conduct a research study. She also served as a Board member with the Mental Health Association of DC for two years from 2008 – 2010. She has served as a Field Liaison/Supervisor to Masters of Social Work students while at the DCVAMC. Mrs. Mingo has travelled to Africa, India and Europe assisting in the creation of life skills workshops for youth in ghetto’s and townships. Mrs. Mingo feels her greatest accomplishment so far is being married with two beautiful children; Azaria age 8 and Musa age (soon to be 3).